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This website is me, Brad Luyster. I’m an electrical engineering working during the day to send really cool stuff to space. I’m also really into finding ways to decentralize technology, and figuring out ways to make the world a kinder, better place.

I believe strongly that we should slow down and fix things.

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Conducting Oneself
October 10, 2018

Right now, there are a lot of hot takes in the Open Source community about codes of conduct (CoCs). Linus Torvalds came forth recently, admitting that he was a jerk, and that his jerkiness has excluded technically talented people from contributing to the Linux kernel. The Linux kernel project adopted a CoC! It’s pretty basic, but not so bad as things go.

Why do open source projects benefit from having a code of conduct? Open source projects are the foundation of the internet. In my opinion, open source projects are the key to creating a better world for us all. The ideals of open source, free software to which we can all contribute and improve, from which we can all draw inspiration and benefit, are worth pursuing. Unfortunately, these ideals do not exist in a vacuum.

Structural and cultural issues exist which provide an uneven playing field. We do not all have the same resources, time, and life experiences. Codes of conduct level the playing field, and give opportunities to more people to contribute to open source projects. When more people contribute more diverse ideas to open source projects, we all benefit.

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Oh wow, neat site
October 10, 2018

Hi there! Welcome to my new blog! This is a whole big fresh start for me. The last personal blog I ran was on a URL that I felt more and more disconnected from, and I hadn’t really updated it since 2013.

A lot has happened since then, and I’ve definitely tweeted, facebooked, and instagrammed a lot. But I think its time for a return to a slightly older vision of the web. A site that I control, where I can write when I want, what I want, and give it to folks I care about. And hopefully, through some small acts of kismet, other people will find it too!

If you’ve found this place through such happenstance, I’d love to hear from you! By email, or whatever other social media is current when you’re reading this.

So, how am I returning to the old web?

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