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My Own Git Server


Hi there! You've found me, Brad Luyster, and my peaceful little corner of the internet. I'm a person, and this is my deeply personal website. It'll grow to contain a whole lot of me, hopefully, in time!

It also contains a whole lot of who I used to be, preserved for posterity, on the old section of the site. You can find the site that used to be known as Meat and Networking there.

This site is mostly a low tech place to put things that I'm into, and things that I've been thinking about, along with some snippets of things that I hope might be useful to other people. This site came out of a lot of confusion and frustration about how difficult the web has gotten. I don't want to run a giant stack of technologies just to write some stuff for people. I don't need to know where all my visitors come from, how they found me, where they're going when they leave here. I don't need to show them whizbang animations and giant images sliding across massive screens.

I just want to show you all a little text.

And maybe some cool pictures.

And I want to run it myself, I want me to belong to me, not to some other faceless group of behoodied executives discussing ad strategies in a ball pit in san mateo. So, here we are.

A neat little home. That loads quicky, and hopefully stays out of the way.

Who am I?

I'm Brad Luyster. I'm an electrical engineer building stuff in somewhere between the east, south, and midwest. I like to build cool stuff for space. But I also like to make things that make our lives easier overall. And I really like getting folks together to make more stuff than they might make if they were apart.

Other things I like to make include cheese, hand-knit socks, various curries, giant messes, and trouble.

I'm really into communalism, people working together in an ad-hoc manner, and building a more sustainable world. I really empathize with anarchists and solarpunks. I'd probably call myself both an anarchist and a solarpunk, but labels are weird and constantly evolving.

If you want to get in touch with me, all my contact info is over there on the left. I'd love to hear from you!

What's behind all this?

This site is a set of static little html files living on a server in my bathroom. The static html files are generated by hugo, and I upload them by hand here when I'm ready for other people to see new stuff.

There's no Javascript, and the CSS is all stuff I wrote myself and can understand from top to bottom.

I went ahead and put the theme on my own little git server if you're interested in seeing how it works!